about me

vanessa van gasselt


Blessed I am, to have the arts as a strong and constant thread throughout my life, grounding me to my inner self and at the same time connecting my soul to higher plains.

As a self-taught painter, I have been developing and reinventing myself artistically throughout my life. As a child I drew a lot and was strongly influenced by different cultures, not only through my family heritage but also through my own experience of having grown up in different continents across the globe.

Nature deeply humbles me and I see the artistic hand of God wherever I look, whether it’s gold leaves covering the earth, an orange-pink sunset, a peacocks’ explosive blues or a majestic tree. Most importantly, I feel gratitude to have the ability to see.

Like a strong river current, concepts, themes and ideas flow seamlessly and continuously through me. I feel deeply connected, for this goes far beyond me and this moment in time.


Vanessa v. Gasselt